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So how does becoming a Carers Choice sponsor work?

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How will we spend your money?

Your money will go directly to fund lots of day trips for our amazing clients! We have recently been very kindly donated some money to purchase a wheelchair accessible mini bus for our clients to use to explore and experience lots of new activities with their friends. We cannot express how valued and important these trips are to Carers Choice, so we thank you so, so much for your support.

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Everyone at Carers Choice is so very grateful for your support. Once you have activated your sponsorship with us (both monthly and a one off sponsorship), we will email you a Carers Choice Newsletter four times a year. If you would like your newsletter to be sent to a different email to your PayPal email address, please leave the correct one in notes/reference when purchasing your sponsorship, or email it to eleanor@carerschoice.com. This newsletter will be full of updates on everything we have been up to over the last 3 months.

Thank you once again for your support.